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South Sudan Crisis


Kelud Volcano Eruption





New South Sudan Update - February 9th, 2015


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Update on South Sudan Crisis
(18th May, 2014)


The five months conflict in South Sudan has engulfed the whole country into a tribal civil war. It started in December 15th, 2013 as political difference within the SPLM ruling part. The government called it an attempted coup but it was actually a political difference that arose over party meetings that sparked the fight.  The President wants to eliminate all his political critics in hope of becoming a full dictator. 

Unfortunately, the fight turned quickly into tribal conflict between Dinka and Nuer the two biggest tribes in the country. In 16th-17th December, 2013 thousands of Nuer were targeted and killed in Juba by the government army and the conflict steadily escalated to other parts of the country where Dinka ethnic group were targeted and killed. Subsequently, more than 20,000 people have died and more than a million displaced from their original villages and towns.


Kelud Volcano Eruption

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We  just want to let you know know about the  eruption of Kelud Volcano that erupted 2 nights ago in our province here in East Java, Indonesia. The  Volcano is about one and half hour from our place here and our mission church where we are worshiping our Lord.  Many of our friends  got hit by this eruption.  Because of this eruption last last night four big airport in 4 regions and province here are closed. There are  the airport in Surabaya, Jogya, Solo and Malang. The ash of the volcano has reached four  province of Java ( East Java, West Java, Jogyakarta as well as Middle Java).


Many people have been evacuated from the the place of eruption. Schools  government offices  markets and other  economical activities are closed. Many houses are broken. Some airports affected by eruption of Mount Kelud likely to resume flights in coming days. Reports indicate that Adi Sumarmo International Airport (SOC), which serves Surakarta (Central Java province, Indonesia) is temporary closure due to the volcanic eruption at Mount Kelud in eastern Java on 13th of  February 2014.




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