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Kelud Volcano Eruption

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

We  just want to let you know know about the  eruption of Kelud Volcano that erupted 2 nights ago in our province here in East Java, Indonesia. The  Volcano is about one and half hour from our place here and our mission church where we are worshiping our Lord.  Many of our friends  got hit by this eruption.  Because of this eruption last last night four big airport in 4 regions and province here are closed. There are  the airport in Surabaya, Jogya, Solo and Malang. The ash of the volcano has reached four  province of Java ( East Java, West Java, Jogyakarta as well as Middle Java).


Many people have been evacuated from the the place of eruption. Schools  government offices  markets and other  economical activities are closed. Many houses are broken. Some airports affected by eruption of Mount Kelud likely to resume flights in coming days. Reports indicate that Adi Sumarmo International Airport (SOC), which serves Surakarta (Central Java province, Indonesia) is temporary closure due to the volcanic eruption at Mount Kelud in eastern Java on 13th of  February 2014.

Our government has announced  to us about the continuing ash-fall within a nine-mile radius (15km), as well as associated disruption to local transports and commercial activity in the cities of  Ambarawa, Salatiga, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, as well as in the districts of Blitar, Kediri, Malang and Tuban. Also the Road and rail travel in the provinces of Central Java and East Java, including along the main highway  between Surakarta and Yogyakarta, has also been disrupted due to the fallen ash and visibility conditions. The  Indonesia's Volcanology and Geological Disaster Mitigation Agency (PVMBG) has stated to us that the main eruption has subsided. They also  announced that  the volcano is continuing to spew ash. The PVMBG is maintaining the alert status of 'caution level 4' (the highest on a four-point scale) of all of us here.

The refugees are being evacuated to Pujon, Batu which is about half an hour from our house and place of worship here in Malang. People in the refugees places  who got hit by this eruption need  food, medicines, masks, kitchen, tents . Some people are being evacuated in the mosques and or in churches, schools buildings that are close by. We just heard that there are 11 men  had  died  because of this eruption. These people were living half an hour from our place here.  The affects of the eruption is still here. Thanks God, the area where we are living now  did not  get  much effect even though, the volcano is closer to our place then the others.  However, we still can feel  the ash a bit on my eyes and my breaths since yesterday up to now. The government has announced to us to be careful with the air outside. Yesterday, when we went to help the refugees, we saw the ash came more and more closer to our place here.  Also there was a small earth quakes yesterday and the ash are still coming down. There were more then 200.000 people have been evacuated from the villages closer to the volcano. Lots of them came down from the villages on the mountain and staying at the baracks that are very close to our area here.

We as friends here in Indonesia have  been able to collected from our personal money Rp 2.150.000 (about $ 215) in order to help the refugees. From that fund we have been able to buy some masks. At the afternoon we went to the  villages that got hit  the worse in order to deliver the  masks to  the people as well as to the refugees. We saw  so many women  and children as well as man did not have any mask at all when they were being evacuated from their house in the villages. Our authorities have announced that now is the the emergency status.  The evacuation are still keep on going up until now.

We saw with our own eyes, how people were so panic. They had to go out of their houses since the ashes and sands etc. were keep coming down more and more. We also saw that people who were living in the baracks  do not have enough masks to cover their mouth and noses from the ash fail. They did not have  blankets, pempers for babies,  enough water to drink, jackets or sweaters for warm clothes.  During the night here is so cold, while they did not bring much clothes in order to cover themselves from the cold wind etc. So, those are the specific things we would like deliver in order to help them in the baracks and or in the  villages. Today as committee we  hope go to the city  of Malang in order to buy the  needy goods for the refugees. We wonder if the ICRC  could  help people around here facing this natural disaster. Praise the Lord, so far we are doing fine here.  Please pray for us here.

If you like to know more about  this eruption you can look at this web site below or just type Gunung Kelud in East Java where we are living  and working now:

Here is our committee for the relieve work for the refugees.

    1. Advisor       : Rev. Yaway Bunda
    2. Supervisor : Rev. Yongky
    3. Chairman  :  Brother Gusty
    4. Secratary  1.   Rev. Yonson
    5. Secretary  2.  Brother Sole
    6. Treasure 1.   : Brother Josary / Roslin Orfirna Padji

Members  : 

    1. Brother Yonas
    2. Brother Berto
    3. Brother Buyung
    4. Sister Rebekah
    5. Brother Dawid
    6. Brother Rony

Here is the name and address of the Bank

KUPANG - NTT -  INDONESIA. TELP (0380) 832046 / 824213
ACCOUNT NO: 0099143240
Here is the International transfer Number :/ Code Swift Bank : BNINIJAKPA

Thank you  again for you prayers!

On behalf of of  Deputy of the Churches abroad of  Calvinist Reformed Churches of Indonesia (CRCI)
Rev.  Yonson Dethan

Rev. yawan Bunda
Vice Chairman




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